Your Home – price and price reductions

When it comes to pricing a home, or lowering the price of a home eventually, there are some comments and ideas that owners come up with over and over. Let’s look at some of the most popular ones.

Think like a seller – not like an owner

An owner is someone who has taken a property that s/he liked enough to buy – and turned it into their home. Owners tailored the colors to their taste. Not just the colors, but the floor coverings and window treatments, too. They made room on the walls for photographs of loved ones that they want to look at often. And they’ve made room for the knick-knacks that make them feel good…that bring back fond memories. Maybe they had the time and money to make some fantasy renovations…gold faucets, anyone? When owners shows guests around their home, they point out their favorite things, and perhaps shares a few memories.

Of course, every seller is also an owner. But, the “owner mindset” has to be replaced by a “seller mindset” if owners are to be successful at marketing their property. Owners have to stop thinking of their property as “home sweet home” and start thinking of it simply as a house that is for sale. A house that other people will buy and make into their own “home sweet home”. And once owners start thinking of their house this way, they start to understand what potential buyers see, and they can become effective sellers.


There are a number of systems for protecting your home while you are away. There are alarm systems which are triggered when a door or window is opened, and others that include motion detectors. Either of these systems may have an alarm that makes a lot of noise (similar to a car alarm). Alternatively, either may be monitored by an alarm company, or by you, via your smartphone. They all require a non-trivial initial investment and possible ongoing monthly charges. If you aren’t going to investment in one them, there are still things you can do to protect your home while you are away at minimal cost, or at no cost at all. And even if you have an expensive alarm systems, the tips below will help you avoid some of potential problems that alarms don’t address.